Debt Collectors Face Lawsuit After Harassing Customer on Facebook

The creepiest people out there have to be debt collectors. It is a tough job and takes a strange person willing to harass others through any means necessary to collect money.  Nothing illustrates the lengths agents will go to like the recent lawsuit filed in Florida.

The collection company, Mark One Financial, LLC, was tasked with collecting $362 dollars from Florida resident Melanie Beacham.  She fell behind when she faced a reduction in income and then was out on medical leave for 3 months. She kept up her payments with help of her father for awhile and even worked out a deferment program with the company.  As she approached her second missed payment Mark One decided to take to the cyber world.

When calling her up to ten times a day yielded no reward they turned to Facebook.  They stalked her family and friends by sending multiple messages in an effort to get her to pay the outstanding $362.00.  This caused stress and tension with everyone involved.


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