Facebook Begins Mining Users’ Data for Paid Advertisements

Facebook Ads

We’ve all known about targeted marketing for a while now – type something into a search engine, and if it’s a marketable product, soon you’ll be seeing ads for it all across your browser. Now, however, social networking giant Facebook is looking to take that one step further. The privately held company founded by Mark Zuckerberg will now be tracking activity of profiles, status updates, wall posts, messages, and “likes,” in order to target ads even more closely to the site’s users, according to an article in the LA Times.

For example, women who have recently gotten engaged and told Facebook about it should expect to see advertisements for local caterers, florists, wedding planners, and more.

Privacy experts say that Facebook’s unique ability to mine data and sell advertising based on what the site’s members voluntarily share is “electronic eavesdropping” – sharing data that many users only intended to share with friends.


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