Gamers Await Reveal of Wii 2 at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 for short, kicks off tomorrow in Los Angeles and gamers around the world are looking forward to three days of exciting new games and technology. However, one of the most anticipated events of E3 is the debut of the new Wii which will take place at Nintendo’s press conference on Tuesday (June 7).

Though Nintendo isn’t saying what the Wii 2 will include, gamers are hoping for features like high-definition technology and touchscreen controllers. Others expect a device that will focus more on “hardcore gaming.” The new console is expected to cost between $350 and $400 and will hit stores sometime in 2012.

The original Wii, released in 2006, revolutionized the gaming the industry by forgoing traditional controllers for movement-based game play. This departure attracted non-traditional demographics, making Wii the best selling game console produced by Nintendo.

Will the first Wii be as successful as the first? According to Nielsen, the successor’s success will depend on “the actual features, price point, and timing of release for the Nintendo console, versus satisfaction with currently owned platforms and other new system options.”

Sony and Microsoft Corp. will also attend E3, with Sony showcasing a new portable gaming system and Microsoft focusing on new games, including Halo 4.

Are you looking forward to getting a look at the new Wii?

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