BillGuard Warns You of Questionable Credit Card Charges

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In today’s constantly-updating list of companies that have been hacked, it’s natural for us, as consumers, to be a little apprehensive about our credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. Thankfully, there are services like BillGuard that protect our information and alert us to potentially questionable charges.

BillGuard is a free service, designed to solve the problem of overlooking fraudulent charges, hidden fees, and billing errors on credit card accounts. It scans and analyzes your card transactions and compares them with transactions that other users have flagged as questionable. If a questionable charge appears on your account, they’ll send you an alert.

BillGuard says that 9 out of 10 people aren’t as vigilant as they should be about checking over their cards’ statements, and so it can be easy to miss things like being double billed or a mysterious charge that might be a scam. Each time a user verifies or flags a transaction to be legit or questionable, (respectively), BillGuard’s technology becomes more reliable as an “antivirus for our bills.”

BillGuard also offers users the security of not storing login credentials – handing over your credit card data to a service that claims it will look out for, well, your credit card data may sound a bit counterintuitive. The company says they only have read-only access to accounts.

Overall, if fraudulent charges are something you worry about, you might want to consider checking out BillGuard! Check them out at


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