Logitech’s Google TV Returns Outpacing Sales

photo courtesy of Logitech/Google TV

It appears that Google TV®-enabled gadgets aren’t impressing the consumers who buy them – a consumer electronics partner reports that customer returns for Google TV are outpacing sales.

Google TV software was introduced last year, and connects TV sets to the Internet. It was unveiled as being a way to “bring Web content and features to the TV experience.” It was part of Google’s attempt to become relevant in the game of distributing media and entertainment content.

Unfortunately, Logitech International® is reporting that their Google TV set-top box, Revue®, has not produced revenue in the second quarter – revenue was in the negative, in fact – due to more units being returned than bought.

Logitech chairman Guerrino De Luca said, “There was a significant gap between our price and the value perceived by the consumer.”

He said this his company may have misjudged the market, but also suggested that the lack of success for Revue was “partly due to the fact that Google TV has not yet fully delivered to its own promises.”

A Google spokeswoman, however, argues that “It’s still early days for smart TVs and we’re investing to continue to bring innovation and progress for our partners and users.” She maintains that Google is committed to Google TV, and added that the company is preparing to roll out an updated version of Google TV later this year.


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