Sprint Issues Memo to Employees: Don’t Discuss iPhone 5

It seems like nearly every week there’s a new Apple/iPhone 5 rumor lately, and this week is no different – Sprint has apparently issued a memo to its retail employees asking them to refrain from discussing rumors of an Apple iPhone 5 on the Sprint Network.

The memo directs employees to not bring up the rumor with customers, and if the customer brings up the rumor on their own, to only say “no comment.” If a customer doesn’t drop the subject, employees can acknowledge that the rumor is out there and has been reported by news outlets, but again, are not allowed to make comment on the potential for an iPhone on the carrier.

Both Apple and Sprint have declined comment on whether or not the iPhone 5 will be available on Sprint, so asking employees to do the same isn’t too far fetched. Still, the fact that NO ONE is commenting on it is a pretty good tip off that the new iPhone will be over there; if it wasn’t, one or all parties would simply say “No, the iPhone will not be on Sprint.”

Currently, Apple’s iPhone 4 is available on both AT&T and Verizon, but the fifth generation iPhone is expected to arrive this fall, in September or October. Sprint’s addition as a third carrier has been rumored for weeks, but as mentioned, neither company is commenting on the matter.

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